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hello guys, let's avoid for now my lack of activity here,  I have a lot of personal issues that doesn't allow me to be on DA. for now, let's just focus on the title of this entry.

so! tous les temps, my old, almost dead webcomic came back from the dead!!!!!!!! I'm very happy to present you my little baby! hope you can go and take a look and read what is up so far!


for now I'm still working in the banner and some other details, everything is so complicated!!! but hopefully I'll manage to get it done and keep updating.

yes, it's in english :D. actually from now on the pages will be translated by Engelen who's a pro translator ;D which makes me happy haha.

you can also follow the tumblr account of tous les temps! y ahí pueden encontrar la versión en español, por cierto ;D

so, what is tous les temps about??? well, you better find it out by yourself :P!
just today i knew now you can use DAmuro on DA comments, so let's do what others do and wathever you draw i'll answer you with a drawing as well!!
come on, it will be fun `A´<33!!
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lol the last time i posted that... eh.. invitation(?) i didn't have enough time to explain. so here it is:

the zine will be tentatively named "Kam-tcha-tka! reversi" (maybe just' kamtchatka)

it will be a 32 (aprox) page zine. black and white (grayscale) cover in color.

it's about dreams, realistic dreams or strange dreams, nightmares even. the first issue it's about a commissionaire and a fonctionnaire (OTL sorry i can't write accents here).

i'll need around 5 illustrations from the wonderful guest-artists.

the illustration must be about a dream of yours, one that scared you because you thought it was real or perhaps a situation you don't know if it was a dream or not. hope you get what i mean D: *dumb english*

i don't know if you need to know more?

ehh supongo que si se entiende?, es sobre sueños muy dramaticos o realistas, seguro alguna vez han tenido uno 8D... gracias por ofrecerse como guest-artist para el zine, solo puedo aceptar 5 personas, tengo 3, 4 en mente asi que pues solo tendria que ver si se acoplan al concepto y si tienen algo en mente con la idea tan vaga que les doy 8D...

i guess that's all, thank you!

edit: LOL deadline!. ehh well in the case we can work together the deadline will be for the first or second week of may. you know, the earlier the better. thanks!
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